Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello, Newsies!

My name is Taylor, and I'm a first-time online student with A LOT to learn. But to paraphrase Albert Einstein, the hardest part of anything is getting started, so I'm going to just jump right in.

Working is never easy. Finding work is even not-easier. And working while going to school to so that you can work work that is not as bad as the work that you're working now is the not-easiest. And I should know, I’m working that not so great work now, and as someone that plans on going to school for the next ten years, I’m bound to be working in the same uninspiring job for quite some time.

But what makes this dull day-to-day work worthwhile is knowing that at the end of the line, I’ll be affecting the world in a directly positive way through medicine. So, the only real option that I have is to learn to manage my time, a practice for which my need will only grow, so that I can be successful at this whole online class thing, just like all of us- newbies and seasoned online class-takers.

So, best of luck to all of you!